Benefits of Installing a New Walk-In Tub or Shower in Mesa

Benefits of Installing a New Walk-In Tub or Shower in Mesa

Do you struggle to climb in and out of the tub or shower in your bathroom all the time? If so, you should know you might be putting yourself in harm’s way.

Every year, more than 230,000 Americans are injured in accidents that take place in their home bathrooms. A large percentage of these people get hurt while getting in and out of their tubs and showers.

A bathroom makeover company can help reduce your chances of becoming a part of this troubling statistic. They can perform a shower or bathtub replacement in Mesa, AZ and leave you with a walk-in tub or shower that you’ll absolutely love.

You’ll enjoy a whole host of benefits when you install walk-in showers or walk-in bathtubs in Mesa. We’re going to run through some of the biggest benefits of doing it below to show why it would be well worth installing one soon.

Enhanced Safety

Doing something as simple as taking a bath or shower shouldn’t put your safety at risk. But as we alluded to earlier, you might find yourself sustaining injuries in your bathroom over time if you have a tub or shower that’s hard to get in and out of.

Installing a grab bar on your current tub or shower might make you feel a little safer, but the best way to avoid tub and shower-related injuries is by Googling “bathtub replacement near me” and hiring a bathroom makeover company to install a walk-in tub or shower.

They’ll come up with the right walk-in tub design for you and perform a one-day shower install that’ll make your bathroom so much safer than it is now in no time.


If you have a tough time getting in and out of your existing tub or shower, you might dread the idea of having to bathe. It might even put you in a position where you’ll try to go a day or two in between showers or baths simply because it isn’t convenient to get in and out of your tub or shower.

Once you’ve Googled “bathtub replacement company near me” and chosen a company to help you out, they’ll work to make bathing convenient for you again. You won’t have to devote a ton of time to getting in and out of the bathroom anymore. It’ll free you up to focus on other aspects of your life.

The Aesthetics

Some people are under the impression that walk-in showers and tubs aren’t going to be very aesthetically pleasing. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

While there are some walk-in showers and tubs that are on the more basic side and not all that beautiful, there are also lots of dream-style showers and tubs that’ll improve the look and feel of your bathroom by leaps and bounds.

Walk-in baths and showers will improve your bathroom’s appearance while also making it so much more functional in the process.


When you’re done doing a bath remodel in Mesa, you aren’t going to want to have to tackle another one for a long time. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about remodeling your bathroom again with a company that specializes in bath installations in Mesa.

These walk-in tubs are extremely durable. You won’t need to be concerned about them chipping, staining, scratching, or showing any other signs of wear and tear. They’ll stay put for many years to come and will look like new for the foreseeable future.

A Soothing Atmosphere

If you’re always worried about safety when you’re climbing in and out of your tub or shower, you aren’t going to be able to relax much in your bathroom space. A walk-in tub or shower will bring relaxation back into your life and let you sit and soak for a little while whenever you feel like doing it.

Some walk-in tubs also come with some great features like Hydrotherapy and BubbleMassage jets that’ll make it so easy to kick back and relax in your new tub. You’ll be able to send stress packing every time you take a bath or shower.


If you’re someone who isn’t able to get in and out of a tub or shower very well, chances are you’re also not able to deep clean it like you might want to. Believe it or not, this is yet another area in which walk-in tubs can benefit you.

Walk-in tubs are both stain-resistant and mildew-resistant. They’re also non-porous and don’t include any grout lines. All of this will make them virtually maintenance-free and will scale back on the cleaning you’ll have to do to them.


After learning about all the benefits of buying a walk-in tub or shower in Mesa, you might think that you’ll have to spend a small fortune on one. But they’re actually a whole lot more affordable than you might think.

The exact price you’ll pay will depend on a wide range of factors, including the tub you pick out and the steps that’ll be involved with remodeling your bathroom. But you shouldn’t have any problems sticking to a walk-in shower budget and installing a tub without breaking the bank.

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