Arizona Bathroom Remodel: Benefits of Walk-in Tub and Shower Installation in Tucson

Arizona Bathroom Remodel: Benefits of Walk-in Tub and Shower Installation in Tucson

A reported 27% of Americans performed a bathroom renovation in 2022. Will you be one of the many homeowners that will get an upgraded bathroom this year? Do you also live in Tucson, Arizona?

If so, this article should be relevant to you. Your 2023 Arizona bathroom remodel should include a walk-in tub and/or shower installation. Read on to learn the many reasons why.

What Is a Walk-in Bathtub?

Most people have to step over the wall of a bathtub to get inside it. This isn’t the case with the walk-in bathtubs Tucson has to offer.

Waterproof Doors

Walk-in bathtub options have waterproof doors on one wall of the tub. To enter the tub, a person opens the waterproof door and steps inside. They should then close the door before they turn on the water.

Walk-in bathtub doors have seals around them. This will keep the water inside the tub. A person will have to wait for the water to drain completely before they can open the bathtub door again.

Deeper Walls

The walls of walk-in bathrooms also tend to be taller than most bathtubs. This can make it easier for you to completely submerge yourself.

Similar to Other Tubs

Beyond these details, walk-in bathtubs are pretty much the same as other bathtubs. They have faucets, handles, etc. Some even come with showerheads.

What Are Some Walk-in Bathtubs Benefits?

So what good things can you expect if you have a walk-in bathtub installed in your bathroom? You can learn about some of the possible benefits in the list below:

Easy Replacement

Most walk-in bathtub models shouldn’t have plumbing components that differ from what many bathrooms have. You or your installer should replace your existing bathtub easily.

Lots of Bathtub Options

More expensive walk-in bathtub models offer some lovely luxury features. For example, you can get water jets, heated chairs, etc.

More Accessible

Some people with physical disabilities may struggle to climb over the wall of a bathtub. The door of a walk-in bathtub can make getting into a bathtub easier.

Bathtub Seat

Many walk-in bathtubs also have seats. This can make it easier for those with physical disabilities to sit down in a bathtub and get up again.

Increased Property Value

Having such a specialized fixture in your bathroom can increase the value of your home. Potential home buyers, especially ones with physical disabilities, can greatly appreciate the benefits a walk-in bathtub can bring them. So they’ll happily pay a higher price for a home with a walk-in bathtub.

What Is a Walk-in Shower?

Showers don’t usually have tall ceramic walls like baths do. However, they often do come with small curbs around the bottom. Manufacturers create showers this way so that water doesn’t flow out of the shower.

But not everyone likes this curb. If so, they may prefer curbless walk-in showers.

No Curbs

A fully walk-in shower doesn’t have this curb. The floor of the shower is often completely flush with the floor of the bathroom. In many cases, the floor of a walk-in shower is the same as that of the bathroom it’s in.

Sealed Doors

Walk-in shower users don’t have to worry about water leaking into their bathroom. Most of these showers have some form of sealed door or window. This directs the water down the drain and away from the rest of the bathroom.

Plenty of Choices

There are plenty of choices for walk-in showers. Customers can choose from a wide variety of shower heads, handles, doors, etc.

What Are Some Walk-in Shower Benefits?

Most of the benefits of a walk-in bathtub also apply to a walk-in shower. The main difference is the level of accessibility. It may be hard for a person with physical disabilities to stand in a shower for long periods. However, the addition of a shower chair can be of assistance.

How Long Does a Shower or Bath Installation Take?

How long will a Tucson bath remodel company take to install their customer’s dream style showers? The exact length of time it will take depends on the complexity of the project.

At American Vision Baths, our expert installers can transform your ugly, old tub or shower to the stunning new walk-in tub or shower of your dreams in as little as one day. 

Should I DIY My Bathroom Installation?

Anyone can DIY bath installations in Tucson. But should you do this? There are a lot of reasons why you should hire a bathroom makeover company instead.

More Experience

The workers at a bath makeover of Arizona company have a lot more experience with bathroom installations. They’ve likely in the past made all the mistakes possible with a bathroom remodel. They now know how to avoid these mistakes.

So when they get to your bath remodel in Tucson, they won’t make these mistakes. You’re guaranteed a more high-quality bath and/or shower installation.

Less Money

You may think that it will cost less to forgo the “bathtub replacement near me” search and go DIY. But think of those aforementioned mistakes. Because you don’t have a lot of experience, you’re far more likely to make those mistakes.

Some of these mistakes can be costly. You may end up breaking an important part of your new walk-in shower and/or bathtub. You’ll end up paying for a replacement place.

So you’ll pay more than you did for the bathtub model. In severe cases, you’ll pay a ton more. You can end up paying more than a bathtub and an installation can cost.

So type “bathtub replacement company near me” into your search bar and browse your options. You’ll be better off financially in the end by using the best bathtub replacement companies Tucson has to offer.

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