Bath Makeover of Arizona: Maximize the Benefits of Walk-in Tub or Shower in Tempe

Bath Makeover of Arizona: Maximize the Benefits of Walk-in Tub or Shower in Tempe

A bath makeover of Arizona can do wonders for your home and give your space a fresh, new look. According to statistics, approximately 45 percent of U.S. homeowners decided to update the layout of their bathrooms in 2022.

If you’re considering updating your Tempe, Arizona bathroom, a walk-in tub or shower is a smart move.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of installing a walk-in tub or shower, so you can decide whether it’s the right move for you.

Reduces Risk of Injury

Many older adults who choose to age in place may face issues like limited mobility. When you install a walk-in shower or tub, you’re reducing the potential for accidental injuries.

This bath remodel option makes it safer to enjoy independence at home while getting easy access to your bath or shower. You’ll eliminate the risk of tripping over the shower or tub’s edge when you get in and out.

A walk-in bathtub replacement also gives family members peace of mind knowing that their loved ones can bathe without supervision. People with balance issues will often find that a walk-in shower helps to keep them safer. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately three million older adults visit an emergency room each year for fall-related injuries. Installing a walk-in tub or shower is an effective way to reduce the risk. 

Not only do these tubs and showers help reduce your risk of falling, but they’ll also put less strain on your body. Instead of struggling or stretching your legs too far to get in and out of the tub, a walk-in design lets you simply open the door, walk directly in, and enjoy your bath without straining. 

A Stylish Bath Makeover of Arizona

Not only will a new walk-in tub or shower make bathing safer, but it also adds a high-end look to your bathroom. There are many shower types to choose from that will instantly give your bathroom a fresh, new aesthetic.

These upgrades are available in many different sizes, materials, shapes, and finishes to suit your taste. When you install them, you’ll easily give your bathroom a visual upgrade in addition to better functionality. Select the one that suits your style the best to create an attractive and affordable bath remodel. 

But choosing one or both of these options does more than just make your bathroom look better. In some cases, it could also increase the value of your home and help you get more if you ever decide to sell. Many homeowners are looking for bathrooms that are not just attractive, but also safe and functional for their families. 

A Walk-In Tub Has Lots of Perks

Installing a walk-in tub as part of your bath makeover of Arizona is a smart move thanks to a myriad of extra features. Most models include things like handrails or grab bars and non-slip flooring as well as other options that enhance both safety and style.

These tubs are also much deeper compared to a standard bathtub. Thanks to the higher walls, you’ll get more water depth so you can enjoy a relaxing soak. A deep soaker tub also adds a lot of appeal to your bathroom’s new, high-end look.

Relaxing Hydrotherapy

If you want, you can even immerse your entire head and upper body in a walk-in tub thanks to the deeper dimensions. This means you can wash your hair while you bathe, too. You’ll save time, effort, and water when you opt for this bathtub replacement.

Walk-in tubs with massaging jets are excellent for sore, tired muscles. Simply soaking in your bathtub is a wonderful way to reduce stress, decompress, and keep your body pain-free.

From arthritis and fibromyalgia to general muscle pain, soaking in your tub will help relieve common symptoms. Taking a nice, hot bath may also help to improve circulation and blood flow.

Choose a walk-tub with a bidet attachment if you need help cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. A walk-in shower with a detachable shower head is another great option if you need assistance reaching certain areas of the body while you bathe.

It Fits Into Your Existing Space

You may assume that walk-in tubs or showers take up more floor space than traditional models. However, most of the time, they won’t require you to sacrifice any square footage whatsoever.

In some cases, you might even find that your new walk-in tub or shower takes up less space than the previous ones. Overall, these products typically won’t be too big or bulky that you’ll need to knock down a wall or completely change the layout of your bathroom.

With your new bathtub replacement in Tempe, you’ll be able to add other features to your space like a new vanity or shelving. Despite the increased bathing area, this bathtub replacement shouldn’t affect your remodel in terms of needing to increase the size of the bathroom at all.

Start Your Bath Makeover Today

Adding a walk-in tub or walk-in shower is a smart choice for your new bath makeover of Arizona. These tubs and showers provide a safe environment, a beautiful look, and lots of great benefits that make bathing better than ever. Are you looking for a new walk-in shower or walk-in tub in Tempe? Be sure to contact American Vision Windows today to schedule your free estimate and to find out more about our incredible products and services for your home.

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