Bathroom Renovations: 5 Benefits of Installing Walk-in Bathtubs in Gilbert

Bathroom Renovations: 5 Benefits of Installing Walk-in Bathtubs in Gilbert

Bathtubs. They can be a sanctuary for people to sit back and relax at the end of a long day.

However, it is not always sunshine and rainbows in the bathtub. This is particularly true for those on the older side.

Unfortunately, 80% of falls that occur in a home are in the bathroom. Part of the reason for that is the challenges that traditional bathtubs bring for people with physical setbacks.

If you are one of those people, you should consider walk-in bathtubs in Gilbert.

What makes this one of the best bathtub options for you? What are the biggest benefits you have by going this route?

Here are five of the biggest reasons for a bathroom makeover with a walk-in tub:

1. Safety

As described above, one of the biggest reasons why you should install a walk-in bathtub is because of the safety benefits that it offers.

When it comes to older people and people with physical limitations, taking a big step up to get into a traditional bathtub can be challenging. It exerts a lot more energy from a typical person and as a result, it creates a bigger risk of an incident happening in the bathtub.

That is because, with one wrong step, it results in a fall that can cause significant injuries.

So, how does a walk-in bathtub resolve this? It eliminates the step that is typically needed to get into a traditional bathtub. Instead of exerting that energy to take a step up, you can just walk straight into a bathtub and settle in.

This should tremendously improve the safety of a bathtub for those people that fall into the category described above.

2. More Water

For those that want a truly relaxing experience in the bathtub, having a walk-in bathtub can enhance that experience. A big reason for this is that a walk-in bathtub can fit more water than a traditional bathtub can.

Think about it. A traditional bathtub needs more room for the walls it has all around the bathtub. This means that there is less room for water to get distributed around the bathtub as a result. There might be just over a foot of water available in that kind of bathtub.

Now, let’s look at what walk-in bathtubs can offer here. Because there is less space needed for the walls, there is more room for water in these types of bathtubs to flow naturally.

Depending on the size of this type of bathtub, you may be able to get up to 45 inches of water in a walk-in bathtub. That can be triple the amount of water available in a traditional bathtub.

As a result, it can give someone more room in a bathtub to truly get comfortable and relax.

3. Simple Maintenance and Installation

Another good thing about these types of bathtubs is that it is relatively easy to install and maintain them. That is because when it comes to installation, there are usually very few changes required if you are trying to convert it from a traditional bathtub.

As for maintenance, that works out well for those wanting a walk-in bathtub too because certain things like dirt and mildew are far less likely to build up in this type of bathtub. What this means is that you are not likely to have to worry about sudden issues coming up during the lifespan of your walk-in bathtub.

4. Accessibility

We talked about how walk-in bathtubs are safer for those that are older and for those that have physical limitations. Well, that not only makes it safer for them but also more accessible for an entire household.

Let’s say that you have three generations living in a home. This could be a husband and wife with two kids plus their grandmother.

With a traditional bathtub, the grandmother is going to have a harder time than everybody else in the family getting in and out of the bathtub. However, with a walk-in bathtub, the grandmother can get in and out of the bathtub as easily as the rest of the family.

This not only makes it more accessible to the grandmother, but it also accomplishes this without disrupting the access to the bathtub for the rest of the family. In other words, this type of bathtub evens the playing field.

5. Increasing Property Value

Finally, having a walk-in bathtub can help you increase your property value if you decide to sell your home one day. This can happen for a few big reasons.

The first reason is that this type of bathroom can have great appeal to other families with people that have physical limitations. You are opening yourself up to a wider audience this way and you are saving them the work of potentially remodeling a bathroom themselves.

The second reason is that a walk-in bathroom can be aesthetically pleasing to a typical home buyer. With that in mind, it could make a potential buyer fall in love with your home faster and as a result, get you a better offer on your house in the future.

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These are some of the biggest reasons why you should install a walk-in bathtub in your home. It creates a safer and more accessible environment. On top of this, it can fit more water, it is easy to install, and it can increase your property value.

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